How does shipping work

All our lion breath vapes orders are shipped discreet to your home address or any address provided in your information.

Generally, we ship packages either

1) Regular which is 2-4days within the US or 3-5 days to other parts of the world

2) Express shipping which is 8-24 hours within the US or 24-48 hours worldwide

Our packaging is discreet and packages are delivered on time without any delays.

Once an order is shipped, clients will receive updates about their package by text or email.

Also all orders can be tracked from when they are shipped till when they get delivered.

We avoid shipping during the weekends and prefer that all clients of official lion breath carts place their orders early in the week to allow us fulfill the orders on time.

All orders during the weekends will be shipped on Monday as shipping services we work with do not ship out during the weekend.

We also offer international shipping which cost more than local shipping across the 50 states here in the US.

Packaging Lion breath Vapes

Our lion breath carts are well packaged to avoid damaging of our lion breath vapes.

We also use cushions to ensure that our carts are not destroyed during transportation.

Our carts are stored in large containers and each lion breath vape us kept in a separate container to avoid damage.

Orders and payments

We have a minimum order of $250. Clients will be unable to checkout orders less than $250 as such, we indulge clients if official lion breath to purchase lion breath carts worth atleast $250 before checkout.

We accept payment with Bitcoin, Cash App, Zelle Pay.

For our clients who cannot get any of the above listed methods, we will need them to contact our service and they will be directed how to get one of the listed methods or given a method they can attempt.

Once an order is placed, we will send a message via email or text to the customer with the payment information.

Finally once the payment is made, the shipping process will commence.

Are our carts lab tested?

All our lion breath carts are lab tested and free from pesticides and other contamination.

Our client health is our priority and we ensure that our clients get the best products.

Lion breath carts real vs fake

We make it easy for our clients to not get deceived with lion breath carts fake, we supply real lion breath carts online.

By several years of testing and perfection we make it easy to buy real lion breath carts.